Zumio S

Rp. 1.915.000

Exploration with Rotation, Not Vibration
Unlock new sensations with Zumio S, the only toy that uses a rotating motion – not vibration – to deliver pinpoint stimulation exactly where you want it. Zumio S’s short stem and larger SpiroTip deliver less intense stimulation, while its 8 speeds and pressure-sensitivity put you in complete control of your pleasure.

  • Intensity : Zumio S has a shorter stem and larger tip, providing a less intense sensation.
  • Rotation, not Vibration : Zumio’s rotating motion provides stimulation without the numbing or buzzing sensation that vibration can cause. Also, you’ll never feel any unwanted vibration in the handle.
  • Solo Use : Zumio is designed to let you explore your body like never before. Thanks to its precision tip and fully customizable intensity, you’ll be able to discover new sensations and pleasure points.
  • Partner Use : Zumio’s small size and ergonomic handle make it perfect to use during foreplay or intercourse, allowing you to deliver pleasure when and where you want it most.
  • Pressure Sensitive : Zumio’s mechanical design adjusts the intensity based on the pressure you apply. Push gently for rapid rotation and intensity, or push harder for slower, deeper, and more intense stimulation.
  • Customizable Pleasure : Zumio has 8 speeds you can choose from using the simple and intuitive controls.
  • Submersible : Zumio is 100% waterproof, which means you can safely enjoy it in the bath or shower.
  • Perfect for Travel : Zumio’s Travel lock feature and safer battery technology go well in your carry-on luggage.

A Totally Natural Experience
Zumio’s inventor understood that self-pleasure needs to feel natural and intuitive. Our ability to adapt the speed and pressure of our own motions is so instinctive, we don’t even realize we’re doing it. This is what makes Zumio so special. The precision SpiroTip mimics the rotational movement of a finger, and its pressure sensitivity adjusts the depth and speed of the stimulation as if it was reading your mind – all without needing to adjust a single control.

Selecting Your Zumio
At the heart of every Zumio you’ll find the same long-lasting battery, pressure-sensitive assembly, and powerful motor that delivers exploration with rotation, not vibration – but that’s just half the story. What makes each model different is its unique stem and tip design.

Zumio E

  • Rotation Pattern : Elliptical.
  • Stem : Long, curved and rigid.
  • Tip : Small, round and slightly spoon-shaped.

Zumio X

  • Rotation Pattern : Circular.
  • Stem : Long, straight, and slightly flexible.
  • Tip : Medium sized sphere.

Zumio S

  • Rotation Pattern : Circular.
  • Stem : Short, straight, and slightly flexible.
  • Tip : Large sized sphere.

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