Tenga Uni Emerald

Rp. 110.000

UNIsex & UNIversal, for You and I
A new generation of universal pleasure items, breaking the barriers of sexuality, regardless of gender, used solo or partnered. Enjoy your pleasure lifestyle with fun and freedom!

Personal Pleasure, no matter your Gender!
The UNI can be an enhancement to stimulation by your fingers, or be flipped inside out as a stimulating stretchable sleeve, for a truly unisex experience.

Partnered Pleasure, for couples of any Orientation!
Accessible and pleasurable for people of all genders and orientations, the TENGA UNI is double the fun when used with someone else!

Stretchable Material that's soft to the touch
Although inspired by precious stones, the TENGA UNI is anything but hard!
Each UNI has a unique texture suited to different types of play, so massage, squeeze, stretch and rub for maximum pleasure.

  • Size : 88 × 73 × 32 mm.
  • Weight : 39 g.
  • Materials : Elastomer super stetch material (stretches to accommodate almost any size).
  • Disposable.
  • Reversible.
  • Sample lotion included.

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