Orgie Lips Massage Kit Apple

Rp. 390.000

Sexy Therapy Kissable Massage Oil has a pleasant warming effect and is delightfully strawberry flavored. This set is ideal for teasing foreplay kissing or feather-sensorial massages on erogenous zones and oral sex.

Directions : Apply a small amount of the Sexy therapy Kissable massage oil on the intended area with stimulating massage strokes. Kiss, lick, air blown, play around with the feather. Move to the next spot.

*Orgie recommends adding a blindfold to this foreplay massage. Not knowing the next erogenous zone spot of the massage play will increase the expectation and the arousal of the massage receiver.

  • Lips massage oil with the soft feather.
  • Use your lips for foreplay with partner.
  • Massage guide included.
  • Soft teasing feather included.
  • Volume : 100 ml.
  • Flavor : Apple.
  • Made in Portugal.

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