Orgie Dual Vibe! Kissable Piña Colada

Rp. 450.000

Drawing inspiration from the tropical allure of classic cocktails, Dual Vibe! Pinã Colada brings a touch of sophistication to intimate moments. Its well-crafted Pinã Colada cocktail flavor is designed to titillate the taste buds while the milder, yet very satisfying, vibration effect adds an extra layer of excitement to oral sex, making it more comfortable and pleasurable.

Directions : Apply a small amount on the intimate area and wait a few seconds to feel the arousing vibrating and tingling effects.

*Orgie recommends starting with 1 pump dose and adjust the dosage according to what feels arousing and yet comfortable.

  • Kissable arousal liquid vibrator intimate gel, instant vibrating and tingling effects. Suitable for intercourse and oral sex.
  • Volume : 15 ml.
  • Serves ± 75 doses of product.
  • Flavor : Pinã Colada Cocktail.
  • Made in Portugal.

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