Orgie Bio Organic Intimate Gel Aloe Vera

Rp. 260.000

Aloe Vera is known and used over centuries for its numerous properties. For skin care products, its high moisturizing and toning power enhance any formulation.
Orgie Bio Aloe Vera water-based intimate gel is formulated with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and other ingredients of organic and sustainable origin, free of chemical products – all certified natural and vegan. Non-Sticky, easy to clean and wash out. Vegan and Natural product certified by Eco-Control.

  • Water based lubricant.
  • Enhanced intimacy and pleasure with certified natural and vegan ingredients.
  • Organic water-based intimate gel, long lasting lubrication.
  • Skin moisturizing and toning properties.
  • Volume : 100 ml.
  • Serves ± 100 doses of product.
  • Flavor : Aloe vera.
  • Made in Portugal.

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