Okinsei Mr. Cute

Rp. 500.000

Mr. Cute is ideal for grinding or riding. Whether your partner is wearing it in a harness or you’re playing solo and you’ve suctioned it to a flat surface, you can ride Mr. Cute and completely let yourself go.

The dildo is composed of a upper layer of soft silicone, for a second skin effect, which covers a more rigid core with shape memory, for a unique sensation. Moreover, this bendable dildo makes it easy to try lots of different positions and ways to play without switching your toys.

  • Handy sized and shaped - great for riding or grinding.
  • With a poseable shaft.
  • Double density silicone materials, supple and flexible.
  • Sturdy suction cup base which is strap on compatible.
  • Harness compatible for pegging or more play options (Harness not included).

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