LELO Dot Cruise

Rp. 3.220.000

LELO DOT Cruise is the upgraded version of a groundbreaking clitoral pinpoint vibrator with 8 powerful pleasure settings. It uses Infinite Loop technology that combines unique elliptical motion and a soft and bendable tip to offer unmatched stimulation with absolute precision across the clitoris and any external erogenous zone. But thanks to Cruise Control technology, those looking to experience multiple sensations can now pursue them at constant intensity.

Infinite Loop technology allows you to tailor your orgasmic experience by shifting the position of LELO DOT Cruise. This way, you can easily control the size of the area you wish to stimulate; the wider the application angle, the more of your erogenous zone you will cover with new sensations. The same goes for pressure, allowing you to focus on a precise spot by pressing the device harder against your body. LELO DOT Cruise will respond by transferring the vibrations more intensely to bring you over the edge.

  • EIGHT POWERFUL PLEASURE SETTINGS - LELO DOT offers eight different vibration patterns, varying in intensity from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse.
  • INFINITE LOOP TECHNOLOGY - Combines elliptical motion with a soft, bendable tip to offer precise stimulation across the clitoris and any external erogenous zone.
  • CRUISE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY - Patented Cruise Control technology makes the unique pulsations constant during use, so when it’s pressed hard against the body extra power is unleashed.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE & WATERPROOF - Enjoy unlimited climaxes anytime and anyplace, including the bath or the shower.
  • Materials : Body-safe silicone, ABS plastic.
  • Finish : Smooth.
  • Size : 60 x 46 x 165 mm.
  • Weight : 98 g.
  • Battery : Li-Ion 520mAh 3.7V.
  • Charging : 2 hours at 5.0V 500mA.
  • Use time : Up to 2 hours.
  • Standby : Up to 90 days.
  • Frequency : 133Hz.
  • Max. noise level : <60dB.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • 8 pleasure settings.
  • Color : Lemon Sorbet, Peach Please or Pistachio Cream (subject to stock availability).

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