Rp. 980.000

Vagina of early 30s voluptuous women: We analyzed and reproduced a vagina of an early 30s voluptuous woman to ensure to present many combs, creases, nubs along with strong tightening and insertion hole.

  • Hot Three Sisters / Feels like a mature woman.
  • Perfect addiction of insertion + Pleasant sensation of hot three sisters.
  • Hot Three Sisters / Feels like a mature woman: Vagina crease and nubs (amativeness) are similar but inside feels narrower offering excellent sensation.
  • Weight of ass size: The size may be a little bigger to be handled by one hand like general hand jobs, but the thickness is realistic to offer the real feeling of ass.
  • Feel the tightness and stimulation you want as you insert your penis.
  • Hold on the smooth silicon right before you cum.
  • Feeling of a lustful woman.
  • Experience the sensational feeling.
  • Premium real sensational silicone.
  • Multidimensional internal structure.
  • Phthalate free.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Made in Korea.

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