Rp. 380.000

Flexible MINI HAND LOVE SERIES “JINA” in a great curvy shape. Boasts resilient and elasticity, more than a real woman’s vagina. Fascinating body line, more than the feeling of a woman. Stimulating vagina structure: Embossing nubs and multi design allows you to enjoy sensational feeling that no real woman can provide. Real tightening feeling upon insertion. “JINA” is born just for you. Feel irresistible sensation with the fantastic harmony of crease and nub.

  • Premium real sensational silicone.
  • Multidimensional internal structure.
  • Phthalate free.
  • You will feel the soft and pleasant feeling like a real vagina and the tightening of the level 2 curve will erect your head and penis.
  • The tightening part at the bottom and air-pressure massage will delay your cum to help delaying the moment before ejaculation.
  • Closed-end pressure design that delivers exhilaration.
  • Made in Korea.

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