MyToys MyFun

Rp. 1.400.000

MyFun is an innovative masturbation cup with clamping massage functions provided by airbags and vibrations. It features a realistic, tight and soft vagina and two airbags which provide 7 powerful clamping functions. Furthermore there are 2 vibration motors integrated to stimulate the glans and shaft of the penis. MyFun also features a built-in speaker with moaning sound function.

  • Realistic, tight and soft vagina.
  • Two vacuum airbags to provide deep clamping and tightness sensations.
  • Two vibrating motors to stimulate the glans and penis.
  • Perfectly sized with a penetration depth of up to 16 cm.
  • Build-in moaning sound.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Material : ABS and soft sleeve.
  • Main cup size : 28 x 9.3 cm.
  • Operation time : 1 hour.
  • Charging time : 2.5 hours.
  • Modes : 7 clamping and 7 vibration functions.

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